Thursday, August 25, 2016

Faith's latest blog - what happens when politicians don't hear from us

Dear forest pest mavens:

I have posted a new blog that describes some unfortunate situations that have happened because we have not succeeded in making countering invasive species politically important.  Whether we like it or not, politics is how this country determines what is important, what will be done or not done.

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When beauty becomes the beast

When beauty becomes the beast: Research efforts successfully combat invasive species

April 22, 2016 by Melanie Schefft

It's all too rare that we are able to share invasive species success stories. Here is an article you may enjoy reading, from earlier this year:

Grass identification workshop 8-9 Sept 2016

The Florida Chapter of The Wildlife Society and UF/IFAS are offering a Grass Identification Workshop. This workshop will include indoor and outdoor classroom exercises in identification and management of native and invasive grasses in Central Florida.

The workshop will take place in Ona, FL on 8-9 September 2016. A draft agenda is attached.

Registration is $25 for FLTWS members, $50 for non-members, and $15 for students. Space is limited to 40 individuals.

Registration can be completed using the attached form, or by visiting the FLTWS store.

If you have any questions, please contact Erin Myers (Email:, Phone 239-370-6302).


current status of weed biocontrol agent petitions

In light of discussions over the past year during Federal FICMNEW meetings and at ISAC last fall, I'd like to share with you this presentation by Bob Tichenor (APHIS), given to the participants of the MidAtlantic Early Detection Network's Emerging Invasive Species Workshop four weeks ago, at the Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center.

The downloadable ppt presentation details how the environmental compliance/NEPA/Section 7 permitting process works, and also the current status of submitted petitions for nine weed biocontrol agent petitions within this complex process (as of 4 weeks ago).

Annie Simpson, FICMNEW cochair
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Faith's most recent blog - on "weed" biocontrol - & other information

Hello, Tree Pest Mavens!
Lots of news today.
1) I have posted my most recent blog at  This blog discusses the status of biocontrol for invasive plant species – at what we all hope is the end of lengthy delays in approving proposed biocontrol agents.
2) A reminder that the Continental Dialogue on Non-Native Forest Insects and Diseases will hold its annual meeting in Indianapolis in November.  Registration and other information about the meeting are at

Our agenda includes presentations or discussions on
·         Current pest issues in Indiana and the broader MidWest, e.g., thousand cankers disease and Asian longhorned beetle
·         Post-EAB invasion wave efforts to protect or restore both urban and wildland forests
·         The variety of citizen-engagement programs now under way
·         Efforts to improve federal policies re: forest pests – possible amendments to the Farm bill, other approaches, engaging the new Administration (whoever wins!)

3) the group is trying to get scientific issues incorporated into the Presidential campaign.  They have sent a set of 20 questions to the 4 main candidates.  These questions include questions about innovation and research; climate change, biodiversity, ocean health, and water; education and the internet; mental health and public health; energy and nuclear power; and space.

I think this is a great way for everyone to help elevate the discussion around the election.  Remember – it is through POLITICS that Americans decide what issues are important for government to address.

You can sign their petition, view the 20 questions, and learn which scientific associations are part of the team at  

My question – why are so few of the biology-oriented associations part of this initiative?  Associations that have joined include the AIBS, ESA, Botanical Society of America, Organization of Biological Field Stations and the Wildlife Society.  

FICMNEW July meeting notes

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Dear all,

The draft notes from the 27 September 2016 Open meeting are available for review at the USGS Confluence site. See the url below. Please review in anticipation of approval at our August meeting.

The draft agenda for our 31 August 2016 meeting is also available at the USGS Confluence site at the url below.

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